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                      首頁 > 技術文章 > 安科瑞霍爾傳感器在印度尼西亞的應用


                       發布時間:2021-08-30 點擊量:44

                      1. 摘要 Abstract:


                      ??This article introduces the application of the Hall Sensor used in Indonesia. Hall current sensors are mainly used to isolate and convert AC, DC, pulse and other complex signals. After signal control of current signals are converted according to the Hall Effect Theory, they can be directly acquired by AD, DSP, PLC, secondary instruments and other devices. Hall current sensors are widely applicable for acquisition and feedback in the current monitoring, battery application, inverter, solar power management, direct current cabinet, DC motor drive, electroplating, welding, frequency converter, UPS servo control systems. They feature the quick response, wide range of measurement, high precision, strong overload capacity, good linearity and excellent anti-interference performance.

                      ??2. 項目概述 Project overview:


                      ??The company in Indonesia who make the traffic light system and need to use DC hall sensor to transmitter the DC current to 4-20mA analog signal output. After they choose the hole size, input ratio, output ratio and working power supply, the customer chosen the AHKC-EKAA as their best choice.

                      ??3. 分類Classification


                      ??Hall sensors are divided into three categories according to the principle: open loop Hall current sensor, closed loop Hall current sensor, Hall voltage sensor.

                      ??4. 應用Application



                      ??太陽能,風能Solar and wind energy

                      ??電焊機Electric welding machine

                      ??電機系統Motor servo system


                      ??5. 主要功能Main Functions

                      ??6. 產品選型Product Selection

                      ??7. 現場安裝圖Photos on site


                      ??1. Solutions for Hall Sensor 2021.4

                      ??2. Acrel Hall Transformer